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Hunting for Phoenix Crafters.

This has been cross-posted 'til the wheels fell off. If you're one of those people, like me, who has about ninety crafting communities friended, you'll stumble across this ninety times. And so, I have humbly...

...Cut it.

Hi. My name is Ali Pinney and I have no friends.

Alright, I shouldn't open that quite that way. I used to live in Upstate New York- Albany, to be exact, and I had plenty of friends. I would even call myself popular, in my circle, which was a stark contrast from my school days, in which I was president of the Craft Club who wore Mickey Mouse t-shirts and got made fun of in the lunch line for trying the 'daily special'- you know the type.

Anyway, I grew up, I got engaged, and five months ago I moved to the Phoenix Metro, in Arizona, with my fiance (soon to be husband,) Zack. We have a number of mutual friends (friends who were his first, and are in majority, male,) but they're all gamers and frequently want to do nothing more than sit around on a Saturday night and play D&D and Magic the Gathering. Not exactly the kind of people I bond well with (not that I'm NOT a gamer, but that's a story for another day.)

Zack and I have been trying very hard to find me friends of my own demographic so that I have things that I can go do and look forward to apart from putting on pyjamas and sitting in front of the TV with a mug of tea and my latest catalog. It's equivalently hard for him, because he hates leaving me at home, alone, while he goes to hang out with his friends, knowing full well I'll do nothing but read and sleep all night, which can get a little boring.

I'm LONELY! ::laughs:: I'm very lonely, and seriously need some good female friends who I can get along with, share with, bond with, and most importantly, have a hobby with.

I was watching the Food Network the other night, and they did a whole special on Cooking Clubs, and I thought, well, wow. Sure, that's a really damn good idea, and I related to one woman in particular who was talking about how she had absolutely no friends in her area, so she hopped online and started hunting for women to start a cooking group with, and the next thing she knew she had this group of women who had become a second family to her.

And I do love to cook, but I love to craft just as much, and I know that some people would rather sit and knit or sit and scrapbook or sit and make stuff out of polymer clay or sit and make soap MUCH more than sitting and making a parmesan asparagus souffle.

So this is where the proposition begins:

Zack and I are closing on our first home together soon, here in Northeast Mesa (before the first week of October) and that giant-ass kitchen table I brought with me all the way from New York is just dying to be surrounded by crafty ladies (or gents, though those are harder to come by) who want good company and good food and an excuse to just sit around, do what you love with people who can serve as an inspiration and as constructive, intelligent critics, for heaven sake, let me know.

You can respond, here, or you can email me at liquidsky33 (at) gmail.com or feel free to call and leave a message on Zack's cell (which is sort of mine, too, until I get my own out here.) at 480.213.5088.

Obviously, this only applies to crafters in the Phoenix Metro of Arizona, BUT! Don't feel bad if you live in Canada or Georgia or Massachusetts, START YOUR OWN, TOO! It's such a good idea.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope to hear back. :)
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