ilhu / hs-u (1548) wrote in scrumbling,
ilhu / hs-u


hi!  i just joined this awesome comm.  the name is heather, and i'm a fibre arts student from montreal,qc.  my past work is mainly that of installation and performative sculpture, but never have i limited myself to any one thing.
i am an accidental freeform / scrumbler - i taught myself to crochet back in october after getting bored of 6 years of knitting and now i can't seem to stop.  i can't make objects from pattern [they never quite turn out right] so i started doing ~whatever. 

started with corals and jellyfish :

an open field burgundy jellyfish brooch coral fase in wanting to be this way small i got my spine i got my orange crush

octobunny!  i'm going to make more of these bad boys.

octobunny + cereal

feel free to add me anywhere, everywhere and

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